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HDPE/PP Spiral Profile Pipe Machine
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HDPE/PP Spiral Profile Pipe Machine

Krah Pipe machine to produce the large diameter pipe from DN300 to DN4000mm. It is widely used for sewer pipe, drainage pipe, storage tank,etc.

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     We supply profile wounded pipe machine to produce the HDPE/PP spiral profile wounded pipe and fittings, manhole from DN/ID300mm to DN/ID 4000mm. The main applications for the final profiled pipe products are non-pressure applications like drain, storm drain, sewer piping systems and chemical storage tanks as well as low-pressure applications like irrigation systems.

The great advantage of this HDPE/PP Krah Pipe Production Line is that production is very flexible that one machine can produce the pipe from DN300 to DN4000 and changing time is very short to change the production from DN300 to DN4000mm, also can produce different type and ring stiffness classes pipe from SN2 to SN16.

Main Feature of HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe Machine

· Pipe diameters: DN/ID 300 mm up to DN/ID 4000 mm

· Pipes length: 6 m, with integrated socket and spigot or according to customer's requirement.

· Material: High density Polyethylene, Polypropylene (PP-HM, PP-B, PP-H)

· Output: 700-1500kg/h, according to EN13476 all stiffness classes upto SN32

· Application: Drainage systems, Sewage systems, Industrial pipes, Relining, Outfall pipes, chemical tank

HDPEPP Profiles Spiral corrgated Pipe spiral corrugated pipe

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 Krah production technology is a helical extrusion (spiral wound) 

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